Addressing feedback, & the caduceus

Judging from the feedback I received on here and Facebook, I would say the reactions to my last post were mostly positive. If you posted encouraging words, I thank you. If you posted criticism, I also thank you. Without it, I would be like the tarot card of the Fool, naively walking off a cliff with a look of pure bliss on his face. All feedback is good feedback.

To the best of my knowledge, the only criticism I’ve received thus far is that my post frequently went off topic and that I should focus more strictly on spirit science. That’s a fair assessment to make, and if you came to my site expecting me to write 100 percent about spirit science, then I wouldn’t blame you if you felt a little mislead.-

The truth of the matter is, everything I plan to write on here won’t be about spirit science. It is one of the issues that interests me, but it is not the only issue. What can I say, I’m a curious guy. What I

have told Jordan is that I only plan to send links to him of my posts when they relate in some way to spirit science. That way, he’s not driving traffic here for posts about say privacy (which is another issue of mine).

All that said, I did feel like my last post tied in, at least indirectly to the topic. The main gist I was getting at was that people are biased against certain ideas that society perceives as “crazy/evil/extraordinary”. Occam’s razor is broken for this reason because it presumes that there are claims that are extraordinary and claims that aren’t, when the truth is, you can’t really categorize a claim. It’s just a claim.

This ties in with spirit science because many could say that Jordan’s claims are certainly crazy/pseudo-scientific/ extraordinary. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong. I’m saying that because his claims don’t fit in with the general idea of what “normal” is, he has to fight against a very powerful bias.

In college I had an experience like this. I frequently walked out in the football field at night to relax

and one night I saw something in the sky that I couldn’t explain. I went inside and told my friends I saw a UFO. They responded by laughing, playing the theme for X-files around me, etc. and made it into a running joke.  I never said aliens. I never assumed anything about aliens. I said UFO, as in unidentified flying object. For all I know, there was probably a simple explanation for it, but because I uttered the phrase “UFO” they assumed the worse. Considering how much further Jordan pushes his ideas, I can guarantee he’s experiencing all kinds of negative bias, both from the scientific and religious end. I probably will too as more people read it. My first post was a way to preempt all of that.

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s talk spirit science.

The caduceus, part 1

Hermes holding a caduceus.

The caduceus is best known in modern times for its association in medicine, specifically in North America it is a symbol used by those who practice in the medicine field. It depicts a rod with two intertwined snakes staring at each other with wings on top. It is also known as the staff of Hermes in Greek mythology which was given to him by the god Apollo. Apollo was the Greek god of well, a whole bunch of stuff, including sun, light, truth, and art. (I’m basing my info on Apollo off of Wikipedia,

so mileage may vary)The caduceus staff is found in many cultures across the world. How many? Check out this site. 

The caduceus actually was present as a  symbol in our two most ancient cultures, Egypt and Sumer. In Sumerian culture, the caduceus represents the god Enki. Enki was a deity known for crafts, water, intelligence, and creation. He was also kind of like the Sumerian equivalent to Prometheus. In Genesis, man falls into sin when he gains knowledge. Enki, a being frequently depicted as a serpent provides knowledge and civilization to humanity. Enki then, could be the equivalent of the Biblical devil, who gave humanity both the blessing and curse of knowledge.

Also worth noting, much of the creation story in Sumerian culture coincides with the early stories of the Bible, such as Genesis. When the term “Annunaki” is thrown around, Sumer is the origin. Another one of the three gods in Sumerian culture is “Anu”. Annunaki means “sons of Anu.” Also of interest is the fact that Enki’s sacred number was the number 40, which coincides with the “number of trial” in the Bible. You see, in the Bible, certain numbers keep reappearing, specifically 3, 7, and 40. It rained on the ark for 40 days and nights. Jesus went into the desert and was tested by the serpent for 40 days. There are more examples, but I’m foggy on all of the details.

In Egyptian culture, you see the caduceus in on the staff of Osiris, who for some reason has a pine cone on top. That seems out of place, but the pine cone could represent the pineal gland. You also see Thoth depicted holding a caduceus in many images. There is more in relation to the Egyptians, but I’ll explain that later.

Now there is a process in history known as syncretism, where two cultures start communicating and “absorbing” each others gods. This happened when ancient Egypt and Greece started communicating with each other. Basically, Egyptians said, “Hey, your Hermes is a lot like out Thoth, maybe they’re the same person.” I don’t currently know if Hermes was recorded with the caduceus symbol before they met the Egyptians, and this could be an explanation for why the two cultures both use the caduceus.

However, an early sculpture of the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl shows him also holding a caduceus in his hand. Not only that, but Quetzalcoatl was believed to have the ability to shape shift into a winged serpent. In Greek mythology, Hermes is also known to have the ability to shape shift, because he was seen as a kind of trickster figure, and he is all about the whole winged thing, winged boots, winged hat, winged staff. It was his thing. I’m less sure about Thoth, but I believe the Egyptians described him having the same shape-shifting ability. All of this information, plus the fact that the Mayans and Egyptians both built pyramids despite supposedly never having contacted one another leads to a few distinct possibilities:

1) It’s all bizarre coincidence.

2) The two cultures somehow contacted each other at some point in time in prehistory.

3) Jung’s theories of subconscious archetypes: Basically, people are essentially very similar and have the same kinds of ideas floating in their subconscious.

4) The caduceus is an image buried deep in the human collective unconscious.

I’m not the one to decide which option is true, and there may be other options that I haven’t thought of. I do find this extremely interesting how well this fits with the spirit science theories that Jordan has shared.

In modern times, the symbol is most commonly associated with doctors, especially if you live in North America. To my knowledge, this is a mistake, and the medical establishment confused the symbol with the Aeschylus, a staff with a single snake that more often is associated with medicine. However, there are other modern associations with the symbol less commonly known.

One possible link is with the “kundalini” energy described in Hindu and other eastern religions. Theoretically, the kundalini is a spiritual energy that rises from the root chakra like a double helix snake. Releasing it is supposed to be a very spiritually powerful thing. The caduceus could also represent human DNA. While we’re guessing, maybe it hints at taoism, or dualistic nature. Who knows for sure?

We’ve also seen it, embedded in pop culture. Look to the poster for “snakes on a plane” for an

Gee illuminati, you aren't even trying to be secretive anymore, are you?

example. Governmental psy-ops programs have also placed images of snakes on their patches. Many of these programs, while top secret, have had patches that suggest, very eerily, the secretive nature of what they do, including one that shows three snakes enveloping the world.

Occultist, and (depending who you ask) possible satanist Aleister Crowley had an interest in the caduceus symbol as well. If you recall, he’s the guy with a pyramid on his head. Crowley devised his occult tarot deck, and in it, there is an allusion to the caduceus on his devil card. Strangely enough, Crowley led a group of people who worshiped the Egyptian god Horus (as in the eye of Horus) but also was said to worship Set, the Egyptian death god. He also was said to worship the Greek god pan, who was of all things, the son of Hermes.

What does all this information mean? I couldn’t honestly tell you. It seems like there is a ton of inter-related information, much of it linked to this symbol.

Why do government psyops use symbols like this and the firebird (which has its own history) to identify themselves?

Is the caduceus an evil/satanic symbol, and if so why is it inscribed on everything from Thoth to Hermes to the staffs of orthodox catholic priests across the world? And why was Crowley so interested in it?

Earlier Chronomut mentioned on the forums that Thoth had an ulterior motive for everything he did. Does the caduceus point as evidence to that, or is the caduceus a positive symbol, representing kundalini energy, changed DNA, and harmonics? Was it both? Is Thoth/Enki/Hermes really the biblical satan, or perhaps an alien?

I don’t know what to think. The possibility that Hermes = Thoth = Enki = The Biblical Devil does effect your worldview in strange ways. I for one plan to avoid the work of Crowley anyway, just a vibe I have from him. Perhaps the story of Enki and the caduceus suggests we are left with a choice: Accept

Looks like a tuning fork attached to an ankh, wouldn't you say?

innocence, naivety, pure right-brained thinking, or accept knowledge and left-brained thinking and the eventual self-destruction it creates. Can we have both innocence and the truth?

I don’t consider myself intelligent enough to know for sure, but I do know that there’s weird connections going on here. Maybe someone else can connect the dots.

One last possibility to consider: Remember how Jordan mentioned in a spirit science video how the ankh may have functioned as a kind of vibrational multiplier, and that, attached to a tuning fork, would vibrate three times as long?

Well check out this image of Hermes on a clay pot. His staff

looks a lot less like a pair of snakes, and a lot more like a tuning fork on a stick. Have fun playing with that in you head awhile.

Until next time, “procul este profani” 😉

  1. kiba said:

    This was very well done and based on your interest in Enki you must read Lost Book of Enki. It changed my life I’ve read it many times now so detailed. Starts with a problem on there home planet atmosphere had a tier in it and gold ground down to dust then suspended in the atmosphere creates ozone, gold not being anywhere on nibiru they found some in the astroid belt but was to dangerous to mine, they found a lot on earth

    • Sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll check it out.

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