Dissociation: How to make your own synchronized music video

Hello everybody, I know I promised an article on synchronicity and storytelling, but first I wanted to talk about synchronicity, dissociation, and music.

Hey, it's Dark Side of the Rainbow Dash, lolol.

Have you ever heard of “Dark Side of the Rainbow?” Basically when I was researching on synchronicity, I remembered that if you time it right, the Pink Floyd album “Dark Side of the Moon” syncs up with the film, “The Wizard of Oz” in such a way that there are many many coincidences. What would you say if I told you I may have discovered a way to create videos like that that seem to sync up in a very quick and easy fashion?

(Don’t worry, this is actually related with spirit science. Let me explain) 🙂

What my theory (and it is only in the theory stage at the moment) all boils down to is synchronicity, dissociation, and perception. Once again, latency inhibition also comes into the picture. (Yeah I’m milking that idea for all it’s worth).

Remember in my past articles, I explained that a high latency inhibition is when the brain is good at filtering out common stimuli as a way to keep sane. A low latency inhibition, on the other hand, means that a person is more likely to notice things that other people would filter out, including synchronicities/apophenia (depending on your worldview), extreme abstract thought and reasoning, etc. So for example, if you experience tinitus (a ringing in your ears) you are more likely to not really notice it with a high latency inhibition, because it probably happens all the time and you just don’t notice it anymore.

So what causes low latency inhibition? This is merely a hypothesis, but I suspect that the mental process of dissociation, if not the cause, is at least correlated with it.


Masks tend to have a dissociative, dehumanizing effect on people because it's harder to empathize and relate to a mask as opposed to a face. Then can be used negatively as a tool of dissociation (not in positive way, either)

According to Wikipedia, dissociation is“a term describing a wide array of experiences from mild

detachment from one’s immediate surroundings to more severe detachment from one’s physical and emotional reality. It is commonly displayed on a continuum. The major characteristic of all dissociative phenomena involves a detachment from reality – but not a loss of reality as in psychosis.

I’m not sure I agree with that last part of the definition because it makes a distinction from being extremely detached to reality, and “a loss of reality”, but if it’s spectrum, surely dissociation can lead to a loss of reality, in my humble opinion, but I’m not a psychologist either, or a Wikipedian.

Dissociation has traditionally been explained as a defense mechanism. When a person experiences a trauma, they may mentally separate or distance themselves from reality to protect themselves. Examples include multiple personality disorder and to a lesser extent, post traumatic stress syndrome, or on the far milder side of the spectrum, daydreaming. Is this really the full story to dissociation however?

One thing to bear in mind is that dissociation is not necessarily unhealthy. It only becomes that way when a person over-relies on it as a defense mechanism. Sometimes, just facing up to the difficult or painful situations we experience is infinitely more useful for our psychological growth, but perhaps there are forms of controlled, healthy dissociation?

Why do people meditate? Do they not strive to silence the ego, at least for a while? Do they seek oneness, something other from their separate personality? I know in my personal experience meditating, when I just listen and watch, it begins to feel like I am not my thoughts, but rather the one observing and experiencing my thoughts. It almost feels like I’m a radio transceiver and that I’m just picking up the thoughts, not having them. This is a taste of what monks say when they talk of transcending the ego.

And what about channeling, or similar psychic phenomena? Surely, if you put on a different lens or worldview, it looks an awful lot like multiple personalities, which is of course a form of dissociation. Like I’ve said in the past, I don’t think dissociation is unhealthy, but you have to master it for it be a useful tool and not something dangerous to you. If you cannot turn it off and on, you are stuck with an experience similar to schizophrenia, I’d suspect. But imagine if that same schizophrenic could control when he does and does not have his hallucinations. Would it be necessarily a bad thing then? Surely, he could even use his “hallucinations/channelings” (again depending on worldview) to gain some personal, introspective knowledge on his life and how to grow and self-actualize, etc. There’s also a little scientific evidence to support all these claims.

Synchronicity in music

Okay, so here’s the hypothesis: If you want to create a synchronistic music video, you need to lower your latency inhibition (at least temporarily) so you can see more synchronicities and make more connections that your mind normally wouldn’t make. To do that, you need to find stimuli that will help you dissociate, and said stimuli don’t have to necessarily be drugs.

From the video standpoint, it needs to be a fantasy, an escape type video where you are off in a different fantasy land. The less conflict the better, at least less violent. Even in a fantasy, violence could serve to snap you back into reality. This is why I think films like Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland seem to fit. They are kind of dissociative films in and of themselves.

From the music side of things you have a couple of different options. I suspect ridiculously happy music like “Don’t worry be happy” or “Somewhere over the rainbow” could work, although if you want a more scientific perspective, this journal says that “new age” music works (oh you mean the kind that aids in meditation, well what do you know?) as well as trance music. The journal says that the two types of music accomplish dissociation in different ways, but unfortunately, to find out how costs money. Myself, I could only afford to read the abstract. (sigh) oh well.

Don't worry, not this scene

So to test my theory, I tried aligning trance music up with a scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. Please note I’m not a huge trance fan myself, I’m just doing it for the science. Also, I imagine it takes some time for the human mind to get in the good state for this, so listen to the trance music for ten minutes or so first, and then restart the trance song and play it to the video. Be forewarned, don’t overdo it, or you’ll wind up with headaches like I did.

How to sync the songs:

1) Keep volume on for both videos, the audio syncs too.

2) Ignore the beginning of the wonka video. There’s some unrelated anime stuff for the first few seconds.

3) Play willy wonka first, and after he says “Boys and Girls, the chocolate room.” immediately hit play on the trance song.

These two seem to sync (at least they do to me) so much because the music and video are designed to help your mind dissociate. I imagine it’s similar with similar trance music and videos. I recommend trance songs that have no singing. They seem to work better.

Get to the point already!

Well aside from the potential these videos could have to for things like mental programming and mind control, (see project monarch), there is a second powerful point I’d like to bring on board.

Traditional science treats dissociation like it is a bad thing sometimes, and I think that view needs to change. I think a mistake that we have been making for a while now is to assume it is only a defense mechanism, nothing more. Truthfully, I’m beginning to discover dissociation, as no different from simply achieving a different mental state, one where dreams, stories, channeling, alternate selves, oneness, and psychic abilities all seem to resonate.

Harvey, nobody gives you any respect. No, not Frank. That's a different movie with a giant imaginary bunny.

It can come off as crazy to someone who isn’t in that state, but there is value in dissociation, and I don’t think people always get that. Whether you believe the beings you are communicating with in a state of dissociation are imaginary or not, you are still getting introspective advice from them, and in the sense that they bring meaning to you, they are real. If you believe that the syncronicities you experience are nothing more than common coincidences, that doesn’t mean that in a state of even slight dissociation, they cannot bring meaning to you.

Let’s say you play some of that trance music or even meditative new age music when you’re walking down the street. Do the stop signs start to turn in time to the music? How about the flasher lights on cars? Thank your music for helping you reach that state where you can appreciate the interconnectedness of the universe. I’ll even go so far as to say that dissociation is a blessing, provided you learn to control it.

As a side note, I’m interested in trying what I like to call the “techno lithmus test” on certain pop videos. Basically, it’s synching up trance to popular muted music videos that conspiracy groups say are full of “Illuminati” symbolism. If you get any weird feelings, that could mean that there’s subconscious symbols in the video affecting you. I tried it with that techno song I linked earlier and Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, and it just seemed really odd and off. I can’t put my finger on it, but that lowered latency inhibition does make you more aware of that kind of stuff. In fact watching it kind of gives me a headache. If it does it to you, I suggest you stop immediately, especially if you believe you were a victim of mind control at one time. (Hey I’ve never met anybody but you never know. The world’s a funny place.)

Until next time, don’t lose your wonder, see the value of everything when it falls into place.


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