Sharing a story: A cool synchronicity

Because I’ve been writing so much on the topic of synchronicity in my recent articles, I thought I would take things in a different direction and pass on a synchronicity that was shared with me by none other than Ramona Adams, owner of Stonekeepers metaphysical shop in Murfreesboro Tennessee. You may remember her from one of my past articles, where she shared a few other stories of hers with me.

Unfortunately, her coolest story was too big to fit into that article cohesively, so I decided to share it here in Ramona’s own words for your own personal enjoyment. I hope it will inspire you the same way it did me:

Sheri…the facilitator

“Around 1998-1999, I became interested in crystal healing and joined a yahoo group called the ‘crystal heart campfire’.  One of the moderators of that group was a beautiful spirit named Sheri Sundby.  She lived in Minnesota and was involved with the Lakota peoples there.  Sheri also studied Buddhism and at the time was helping her friend, Phra Ajahn Yantra organize a Dharma tour across the United States.  She painted this lovely picture of her totem hummingbird.  Sheri did so much for so many people that it is not surprising that she would be involved in this story.  Unfortunately, she passed away several years ago, but she did set the events in motion for this story.

One day, Sheri posted that her beloved monk friends were going to be traveling from Tennessee to North Carolina teaching and scouting places for the Dharma tour.  This was in the fall of 1999.  I sent her a message and told her that if they came through the middle Tennessee area, that I would be happy to take them to lunch.  She replied and asked if they could stay overnight at my house and that began my connection with these wonderful monks.

The visit

So the monks came to visit.  The first monk that I met was Phra Mangkone Dhammadharo (which means ‘dragon monk’).  At the time, he was in his mid-20’s and a brilliant young man.  He studied engineering and spoke fluent English as well as several other languages.  Phra Mangkone was studying under a monk who founded a large monastery in California.   He gave me this book which was written by his teacher, Phra Ajahn Yantra Amaro.

Phra Ajahn Yantro was planning on making a Y2K tour across the country to teach and spread the Dharma message with others.  Here is a website that shows his photo just before that tour.

Before leaving my house, Phra Mangkone (student monk), gave me this book which was written by his teacher, Phra Ajahn Yantra.  The book is mostly in Thai, but has some nice photos of the monks and a few poems in English.  I read what I could and put the book on my shelf along with several others by Phra Yantra.

This site has some information about the monastery that Phra Yantra started in California and some videos and poetry that he wrote.

The Gift

I put the book away and Phra Mangkone went on his way.  We made plans to have the teacher monk come back to town and give a talk at the local university and spend several days at my store teaching in the spring of 2000.  I didn’t think much about any of this until a few weeks before they were supposed to come for the spring tour.

One day, my husband was cutting and polishing some morrisonite jasper.  He had made a 30×40 oval cabachon and brought it to me to see what I thought.  I looked at it and told him that I thought it looked kind of like a little Buddha sitting on the edge of of a mountain and that I was sure it would make a great gift for Phra Ajahn when he came.

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of that stone, since it was to be a gift and I felt no reason to.

The Synchronicity

When the teacher monk and his crew of 11 monks arrived, they gave us gifts.  One was a beautiful gold Buddha statue, others were prayer beads and charms and of course, books and poems.  After they had settled from the trip, I decided to present them with the gifts we had made for them.  We had cut a nice piece of Pietersite for Phra Mangkone that had sort of an image of a dragon in it.  He was very grateful and loved the stone.  When we handed Phra Yantra the stone that Stan made for him, his face lost all color and he started talking in Thai to one of the monks who was with him.  The other monk ran out to the car and brought in this booklet.

I told him that I already had the book.  It was the one Phra Mangkone had given me the previous fall.  He gently turned the book over and on the back was a photograph of Phra Yantra at Yellowstone.

The photo was much like the stone in both color and design.  We all chuckled at the synchronicity of things.  It was pretty darned amazing that this incredible monk from Thailand was sitting in a small, eclectic metaphysical store in the geographic center of Tennessee.  I was not Buddhist and knew very little of Buddhism or the Thai culture.  I felt very blessed just to have them visit.  The energy was amazing.  They were so happy and full of joy…truly, living for the moment.  It was contagious and when they left, there was a void that took many weeks to dissipate.

About three weeks after the monks left, we were cleaning up a batch of tumbled scrap stones and found the one in the photo here.  The one we gave the monk was a perfect 30x40mm oval shape.  This was the end slice on the stone that was thrown into the scrap pile to be tumbled.  more…synchronicity…we gave him the original stone, now we had one, too.  Other oddities about the experience…we bought the rough stone at a rock shop in Cedarburg, WI several years before we even knew the monks existed and it just sat on the shelf until Stan picked it up a few weeks before they came to visit.  The stone is Morrisonite Jasper from the Morrison Ranch in Wyoming.  The photo of Phra Yantra was taken at Yellowstone National Park which is also in Wyoming.

So…what are the odds that a stone which was formed say 50 million years ago in Wyoming would find it’s way to Tennessee and be cut into slabs around the same time that a Buddhist monk would be there to receive it as a gift?  Or that one email from a Lakota woman in Minnesota could generate such an interesting chain of events?”


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