I enjoy writing posts on this blog, but unfortunately I’m poor. Any donations I receive increase the chance that I can do this for a living, so I’m putting this out there for those who wish to help. I by no means expect anything, but every little bit helps. Thank you in advance.  ~ Livewithwonder

  1. Ricky said:

    i have no clue how to contact you so sorry if i wasnt suppose to do so here. Ive got a private message i would like to send to Jordan. Its concerning the article on schizophrenia that he wrote,i have something i would like to share with him..thanks!!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hey, I’ve been out of contact with Jordan for a while. I would try checking out the spirit science website. You might find his email there. Just so you know, I wrote an article or two about schizophrenia, so you may be talking about one of my articles. If so, you are welcome to speak your peace.

  3. Re’an khan said:

    Hello Casey!!!

    I found you write up on schizophrenia and epilepsy fascinating! Thank you for it.
    I can totally relate to it. I’m a very concerned mother of an 18year old girl who over the last couple years is experiencing auditory hallucinations. They’re getting worse 😞 she was diagnosed with epilepsy since she was 3yrs old.
    I’m scared of putting her on an psychosis drug
    May have to seek out some spiritual guidance.
    May I ask what prompted you to write the article?

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