Is everything you post on this page going to be related to Spirit Science?

No, and for those who came here expecting that, you’ll probably be disappointed. While Spirit Science is definitely something I’m fascinated with, it’s not my only interest. I also have a pet issue with privacy, especially online, and whatever else draws my interest.

What I can tell you is that I will only send/link my page to Jordan’s when my post is at least somewhat related to Spirit Science.

Are you on any social networks?

I am @mrthejazz1 on Twitter.

Why aren’t you on Facebook/Google+/Youtube and why is your Twitter locked?

I am an advocate for privacy both online and off. Facebook is ruthless with private information, and they seem to play a game where they see how far they can push boundaries with taking away privacy while still not driving off users.

Google on the other hand approaches things more subtly. Because of their circles pages, people feel more comfortable, because they are in control of the kind of privacy that matters to them. People’s parents don’t see everything they say to their friends, etc. However, Google still collects information, and has a boatload of it, from youtube to search engines and Google+ combined, it makes me less than eager to join up, even if it would help promote the site.

Twitter seems safest, even though the Library of Congress is recording every tweet. Can’t win em all eh?

Do you really believe everything you post here?

When it come to the more “fringe” beliefs of the spirit science crew, I must say that it’s like I have my foot in two doors.

When I peek inside the “rationalist” door, I see confused, stubborn people throwing facts at each other, trying to change each others mind with no positive result. I see the absurdity and mutability of the so-called facts they cherish, and I wonder what’s rational about their worldview at all.

When I peek inside the “mystic” door, I see a beautiful lush world with an incredibly steep edge. I look in this door and wonder if I stepped through it, how fast my sanity would unravel. I imagine voices in my past saying “go back”, I think of how society could label me as some kind of devil worshiper merely by having an interest in this stuff. I hesitate out of fear of being swindled or tricked, or of being sucked into a cult of some kind, and yet I can’t help to keep staring into this door. But even that is a hindrance to me entering, because when I see something so beautiful I naturally think it’s a setup or a scam. I look and look, wondering if there’s an ulterior motive, if this beautiful door is in fact a trap.

So to answer the question: I half believe, but I am fascinated to no end.

The other thing to keep in mind is that we aren’t a hivemind. Different members view things differently, and I think all those varied perspectives are healthy. It’s what makes the whole so strong, because each person adds something to this great online conversation we’re having on spiritualism.


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